A stroll through the hood


Oh, how lucky we were last Sunday – no rain and finally an extended Sunday cache again. We decided to explore the North side – I just get there when I want to go to the big pet shop and spend money for Max and Baldur. The reputation of the hood isn’t the best – high chronic unemployment best describes the major problem here.

So we were equally surprised when we strolled though the alleys and discovered some real neighbourhood gems. We took some picturse I’d like to share with you:

I didn’t notice the owl until Baldur start barking at it. Seriously – I want an owl like this for my balcony. The facial expression is priceless ^_^

Isn’t this a lovely idea? I don’t know how many times you have already seen a lion-shaped hedge. It was my first, and I love it!

Look at the cute and friendly face. Still makes me smile!

How to create something special with something ordinary like ivy.

Maybe it is my heritage (my origin is in Russia) but I just love the look of this Russian Orthodox parish hall. In my opinion it is more inviting than medival fanes.


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