Saying goodbye to 2011

Dear 2011!

I loved you! I hated you! You were a bitch! You were such a good friend! It hurts me to say goodbye. And to say hello to 2012! To all my customers, friends, fellow creatives – seeing you then!

Be happy and healthy! 

As for me I was browsing through 2011, so many memories; so much experience, so much melancholy.

I explored Maastricht (Netherlands) – my current home – with my friend Henk whom I owe so much. You know why, and this will never be forgotten! Maastricht is a beautiful city!

I had the time of my life and said goodbye to London (or UK in general). Still missing all my people, wishing I will see you soon, but yet preparing for the new shit in Odessa!

Odessa: I fell in love with you. Can’t await to return to your warm embrace! Odessa is beautiful! The Black Sea is beautiful! Met so many fantastic people there (Hello Ekaterina, Lem, and Oleg!) and missing them so much! My new home!

I saw Hurts I a bazillion times live on stage! First picture was taken by Kensington Road before Theo and Adam took over the stage, I am somewhere in the front row. Second picture is a crappy picture of me and my Hurts ticket, third one shows Adam Anderson who blew a kiss into my direction ♥ ♥ Hurts are my favourite band in 2011 and surely will be in 2012 (although Dead Can Dance announced a reunion tour…)

The best thing happened to me in 2011 was my dog Baldur. We (Henk and I) just visited people who were breeding German Kleinspitz. I was thinking of getting a Kleinspitz in 2012 but at the end I took one home and never regret it! Life with a dog is awesome! I just love the little one and never want to be without him! He was born on April 20th, 2011 in Wassenberg near the Netherlandic border and the name means  “prince” from Old Norse.

And I also noticed that I love you, and only you!

कहने के लिए कैसेमैं तुमसे प्यार करता सभी भाषाओं में

Be part of my 2012. Wherever you are.

My highlights in 2011. But there was so much mor. Will I ever forget you, year of many surprises? I do not think so!

Really not!



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