Mads Mikkelsen by Patrizio Di Renzo

Confession first: I should be writing on my novel and not updating my blog, but when I was browsing through my image galleries I stumbled  over those amazing pictures of Mads Mikkelsen and I really want to share it with you.

As probably everybody knows Mads would be my desired survival partner when it comes to a Zombie Apocalypse (followed by Gaahl, but that’s a different story…)

All pictures were taken by and are copyrighted to Patrizio Di Renzo.

I have always been a  huge fan of di Renzo’s photography. I love his eye for surreal yet delicate beauty (check out Banshee and Characters – you’ll soon know what I mean). He takes that kind of pictures which tell a unique story.

His creations cannot by defined in a particular currentthis statement from his website describes it best. He doesn’t take ordinary pictures. He shows something beyond the visible. This is at least my opinion.

I have been in love with Mads ever since. He is a fantastic actor who always melts into his roles (watch Valhalla Rising if you do not believe me, he doesn’t have any text in this masterpiece, but his attendance blows you away).

Anyways – I highly recommend to visit Patrizio Di Renzo’s website for more Mads and viewing pleasures!

And again the link



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