Interview with Deng Pei (Lonely China Day) in 2009

Soon one of the most interesting bands from China will have their premiere in London – it is of course Lonely China Day. Before this we had the amazing opportunity to talk to Deng Pei.
A huge thank you goes to Tian Xi for the translation!

First of all – could you please introduce you to us?

I am Deng Pei, the vocal of the band Lonely China Day.

Can you tell us how you met and why you decided to form Lonely China Day and why you chose this name?

The band formed in a very natural way. Several people who love music got together. Lonely represent a condition of thinking and creation, people won’t be superficial if they thus aloneness. From our band name you can tell the culture we represent or trying to express, So we used China. Day is our life.

How had your life been before Lonely China Day?

At that period, youths were trying to find a way to express them. They kept long hair, hits ear holes and listen to foreign metal music.
I am one of them.

What does music mean to you?

Music is the best person to talk, when I am creating music, music is like a human being. Music is I cared and it’s my earnest entertainment. Audiences are not my lord; we are not the idol of the audiences. My notion of music is ahead of my skill, my thinking and me. I ought to keep raising my control capabilities to chasing it. This kind of process will cause hope.
Music means hope to me in my life.

The lyrics you have written are all very poetic, and also philosophical. Can you tell us more about the term Mandarin poetry? And how do you gain inspiration?

Music and language can stored in such as CD and can be keept for a long time in modern times, even it didn’t wide spread it can be find hundred years later. But the ancient Chinese works is different. I always thought the poems we can read in modern times can’t represent the best work of the ancient poems. Most of it is without critical spirits, courage of creation and doubt, only sort of vague whines. I believed in more works with freedom is not been recorded. The reason is history is edited by people who have power and authority. So I think my lyrics is not ancient poems mode, my lyrics has critical spirits and courage. I have my own language mode. People who truly understand Chinese culture can understand my lyrics are different from ancient poems, I broke up many modes.
As I use a word in an opposite way I using polysemy to change the original meaning.
You can try to learn Chinese so that we can talk more on this topic.

You recorded a video to ONE – is there a link between the lyrics / meaning of the song and the video?

I was not satisfied with this video, when I saw it. But it’s almost fixed – in order to respect the producer’s hard work. I spent a lot of time to modify this video with the producer. The video you can see can’t stand for my aesthetic appreciation.

Soon you will come to London for two gigs – what do you expect as a band? What do you expect privately? And have you ever been to Europe?

This is our European premiere. We wish we can learn something we need during the London trip. Chinese rock scene is not mature yet, so we need to learn something. I wish I can go beyond myself and then go beyond the people who are in front of us – falling behind means shame to me. We hope to find more opportunities for the band, we hope our album can be distributed in Europe.
We also want to prove that my normal high demand to the band is the right.

You already performed live in Canada and the USA – so will we also see you more than just once in Europe?

Yes, this question you should ask our audience in European.

What are your current projects? Can we expect a new album? What are your goals for the future?

I am the one who is tired of making plans. I wish our music development is natural and continuing, gain certain respect from the band art not just occasionally. Our new album is almost done. We are the most avant-garde of Chinese band music, so this means we won’t be popular in China within 10 years, but we still looking for the right ears to listening to our music, that’s why our goal is to exceed the ideology of Chinese music.

What was the most exciting moment in your lives?

Before I saw this question I never think of this question seriously. If the answer need to concern with music, so my exciting moment in my lives is every time I wrote a new song which I considered it to exceed before.

Can you give a message to the readers of (note: The page does not exist anymore) and to the people who are looking forward to your London gigs? See you in London.

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