Between the dying and me

Hail to you beautiful people!

I have been flowing within a wonderful current until my arm start aching again.
Medical outcome: Tendinitis / Carpal Tunnel Syndrom

A G A I N ! !

It’s the third time this year that I am suffering from that shit! I can neither play guitar right now, nor gaming, nor working on my novel, nor going to the gym, nor whatsoever I do in my free time (not to mention my military career).

My doctor mentioned that I might have a chronic problem here – on the left arm. I am f*cking right-handed. So why does this bullsh*t always hit me on the left?

You can imagine that my mood is below America on a scale between Zero to Ten. My friend Jessica dared to surprise me with this:

“Alduin” Plaster! Yay! That honestly made my day!

But nonetheless it seems that I have to be operated on my wrist. Double yay. I could live without it.
But at least I have a nice royal blue bandage this time.


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